It is very hard for me to believe that my Little Miss G is going to be two in a couple of weeks; alas she will be and there is nothing I can do about it! Time is running away from me! As with any parent of a near two year old, language is one of the main aspects of development we think about every day. Obviously emotional, physical and social development are up there with the every day focuses too; keeping us parents busy and on our toes!!!


This post aims to show you how a simple nursery rhyme can develop so many areas for our precious toddlers!  Our nursery rhyme basket is well-loved and incredibly well used? It is without doubt that nursery rhymes are invaluable when it comes to language development for little ones.  I’ve written all about this before and will link the post at the bottom of this one? Today though, my focus is on that pesky spider who keeps climbing the drain, Incey Wincy!

For those of you who would like to know how my wacky mind works, for this kind of activity I first think about the words within the rhyme to help inspire me. So, for Incey Wincey, the important words to me were sun, dry, water, rain, up, down and wash.  Therefore, the following five activities were born…

Activity 1:
I roughly cut out a sunshine shape and rays from some yellow felt and attached velcro dots around the sun and one of the back of each ray! The thought process being that G could use the word, ‘sun’ and other associated words whilst have a fine motor workout too! Perfect.
Sure enough, G loved this activity and used words, ‘sun’ and ‘stick’ whilst concentrating really hard on attaching the rays.  More tricky for an under two than you may realise!  As G worked away, Mummy sat and talked about the sun being, yellow, round, warm, bright etc.  G also pointed in the air and said, ‘sun, sky!’ So much from one simple activity.
Activity 2:
Needless to say, you can’t have an Incey Wincey day without a drain. Therefore, I got some old wrapping paper card tubes and cut them into different lengths.  Then I blue tacked them to the kitchen cupboard at different angles alongside some hairy spiders! Actually they were black pompoms but it worked perfectly!
G could not stop talking during this activity and said, ‘up,’ ‘down,’ ‘fall,’ ‘woops,’ and lots more.  Her favourite word though was ‘again, again!’ She didn’t want it to end.
Activity 3:
This could not be simpler: Washing up bowl, water and some black pompom spiders.  Of course children love water play and it encouraged lots of speech, ‘dirty spider,’ ‘clean,’ ‘wash’ and much more. Water play is such a simple yet powerful experience for children.
Activity 4:
After any water session,a drying session must follow right? Well the sun came out for Incey Wincy, so who would do our drying? Little G of course! No bribery was needed and I got to have a cuppa! Albeit a cold one but hey ho! As G dried the floor, I used words like, ‘dry,’ ‘wipe,’ ‘clean,’ ‘help’etc. G also enjoyed a good gross motor workout too!
Activity 5:
You’ve got to have a bit of role play with the nursery rhymes and G took on the role of the spider! Mummy, with a pot of bubble mixture and wand in hand, took on the role of the rain. We sang the rhyme over and over and over again! But do you know what? As this had given my beautiful girl such a good day with new words and old ones rehearsed, I didn’t mind that pesky spider returning as often as he did- in fact I think I owe him one! 🙂
As mentioned earlier in the post, nursery rhymes are an invaluable speech and language tool and to find out more on this… See here!



3 thoughts on “Language Development With Incey Wincy Spider

  1. Going to do this with my great niece who I look after she loves singing lots of songs but incey wincey is her favourite. Thank you

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