We often take for granted the way in which we learn new vocabulary.  It is vital for young children to be completely immersed in a rich and varied language in order for them to have a rich and varied vocabulary themselves.  The kind of mathematical language in these two games today also gets completely overlooked so it is important to introduce our little people to it!

Today’s game is all about prepositional language; ie positions. Once again we started with hearing the story of Little Red Riding Hood and once again this could easily be played with Jack and the Beanstalk too.  This time when we shared the story together, I missed out some of the words so that the girls could fill in the blanks for me.  For example, I would say, ‘they went into the…’ and the girls finished, ‘deep, dark forest!’ This is fantastic for their speech and language and rehearses their use of story language.  Plus they love it too!

Once we had read the story, I presented them with a little red box.  Red, as this is Little Red’s favourite colour (obviously!)  Next to the box were red playing cards.  To make the cards, I cut up a circular piece of red card I had and wrote a preposition on each one, ie. under, behind, on, inside etc.


I shared the cards out between the two girls and then presented them with a small cut out of Little Red herself.  I told them that she had to hide from the Big Bad Wolf and they needed to help her.

One at a time, they revealed what their card said. Once I had read the preposition to them, they had to put Little Red in that place in relation to the box ie. inside the box.  This was a great way for the girls to show their understanding (or not) of the language.  Once they had revealed their card, and put Little Red in the correct place, they put their card down and let the other have a go.


Once a complete circle was revealed, the game was over.


They had a great time and this was a lovely, peaceful game to play after lunch.

After a couple of plays of this, we had a go ourselves.  Rather than place, Little Red in the position, we ourselves had to hide from the Big Bad Wolf!


We used the cards in the same way to give is the language prompt!


I just absolutely love the way Miss M closes her eyes to hide! Bless her!


Again the girls loved this game and now that they know how to play it, they have been instructing one another to get into different positions all evening! What have I started? If you would like to play along and you didn’t see yesterday’s post, click here for a selection of Little Red Riding Hood games.



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