We’ve had a lovely week playing games linked to Little Red Riding Hood.  At the bottom of this post you will see the links to the other games we have played also.

Here are two more simple ideas that have kept my girls happy, busy and learning!

First off we made some very simple cakes for Grandma using sponges and felt tip marker pens.


The girls loved doing this and as they made them there was lots of discussion about the colours/marks they were using/making.


We presented the completed cakes on a cake stand and the girls had a great time playing with them and taking them to Grandma.


Due to the fact they were enjoying this so much I expanded the play into a game which would incorporate some simple maths. I really quickly made up some cards with the numbers 1-10 stuck on.  Then I drew some cupcakes on each card, corresponding to that number.


These would form our orders from Grandma.  I played Grandma and would pick a card for Little Red to then prepare the order (the correct amount of cakes.)


Miss G loved doing this and then carrying the cakes to Grandma on her tray. As I ‘ate’ the cakes I counted how many I had eaten just to emphasise the one to one counting.


A really simple game that we left on the play table.  It was later played with by Mr J too – lots of fun and very easy to set up.


The second maths game is related to shape.  This took a little longer to make but could easily be simplified and just drawn out.

I made a maze/map for Miss G and Miss M to help Little Red get to Grandma.


As it looked quite bright, they couldn’t wait to get their little hands on it! You can just see the little fingers at the bottom of the shot! To make the map I simply got a piece of brown card I had in my cupboard. Cut some post it notes in half and laid them down to create the ‘road,’ and then cut out some simple shapes in red (well it had to be) felt in order to make them bright and tactile.  A few stickers to finish off and the game was ready.

I wanted this game to allow for turn taking as well as natural discussion of shapes and their properties.


To play the game, I got a happy land figure and placed her at the beginning of the map.  Mummy then gave instructions to Miss G to guide Little Red to her Grandmother’s cottage.  I said things like, ‘hop onto the tall rectangle,’ ‘slide down the triangle,’ ‘bounce on the round circle,’ ‘balance on the pointy triangle’ and so on.  They both very much enjoyed it and then wanted to give Mummy the instructions.


A really simple, peaceful game for a bit of quiet time.  You can a little snippet of Miss G talking about going, ’round and round the circle,’ on my facebook page.

I haven’t left this game out for free play as it is quite delicate – so it’s definitely the kind I will pull and out calm things down a little!

To see the other Little Red Riding Hood related games, see below…

Little Red Riding Hood’s Apples  (A Maths Game)

Position: A Mathematical Language Game (A Maths Language Game)


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