Area of Learning

Under this tab you will find different areas of learning:

Expressive Arts and Design:  Develop children’s creativity through a variety of media. Whether they be shop bought glue, paint, sparkles, sequins, feathers etc. or household junk; empty boxes, cartons, paper, tubes etc. Children love getting messy and creativity is what helps children’s brains to develop.

Understanding the World: This relates to finding out about the world around them. Whether it be scientific discovery, experiencing the world, nature, senses etc. children will benefit from open-ended discovery play.  It will develop their thinking skills, problem solving skills and speaking and listening skills.

Literacy Play:  This relates to early literacy skills such as talk, listening, understanding, nursery rhymes, phonics and much more.

Maths Play: Number recognition, understanding value of number, counting objects, measure, capacity, shape, comparison, money, time and much more.

Outdoor Play:  Children need to get outside everyday no matter what the weather. This will give you lots of ideas about playful ways to get outside and learn.

Reading: Obviously this is part of Literacy but Reading is SO important that it deserved it’s own section! If you only have time to do one thing with your children today, the MOST important thing is to read. Not only is it the single MOST IMPORTANT thing for their education, it also allows for some cuddling, snuggling and bonding with your babies!


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