5645991680352442464 “My name is Claire Campbell, and I am a very proud Mummy to two children; Lilli Letitia Campbell who is two and a half, and Edward John Peter Campbell who is almost nine weeks old. I am from Staffordshire and I am currently on maternity leave from a local Children’s centre. I am an Early Years Professional who is always looking for new and exciting play idea.”

IMG_8657830929132 “My name is Nicky King, I’m 27 and have one daughter called Lola who turned 2 in August. We’re from Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire. My greatest achievement in life is my daughter and I enjoy spending all my time with her and my husband. (cheesy but true!)”

photo (23) “Laura Thurbon, aged 30. Just the one little hooligan for now – Jack – turned 2 in August. Needs an off button! We live 20mins from Cambridge. I work part time so I get to spend some quality time with my boy. Married to Richard for 4 and a half years, together for 10.”

IMG_43604204028457 “My name is Claire Willshee. My daughter Daisy  is 2, will be 3 years old in December. We are from the West Midlands. Daisy has a 6 year old step sister who is Daisy’s best friend! I previously worked for 7 years at a preschool before having Daisy.  I now spend all my time bringing her up to the best of my ability!”

530590_10151440237785953_2126756446_n “I’m Sarah and we run a non profit playgroup for children aged 4 and under in Mexborough,  South Yorkshire. I’m 23 years old and I have a four year old son called Levi.  Our playgroup is run every Thursday afternoon for two hours!”

photo-134  “Hi, I’m Amanda from Birmingham, UK. I have two gorgeous boys, J who is 2 1/2 and H who is 11 months. Both love music, books, “helping” mummy with chores (especially if it involves using their mini-Dyson or clothes pegs) and generally being lively and having fun!”


1392573_10152395833030200_239768443_n  “Hi my name is Christina I have a wonderful 18 month old son Zachary, we live in Northamptonshire with Daddy and our 2 wonderful dogs!!! We love getting out and about and finding lots of fun things to do!” 🙂



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