Bottles of Fun

To make this activity, I cut the base off three plastic bottles and lined them with some tape to make … More

Home-Made Gifts

J loves making presents for his loved ones and these gifts are nice and simple and develop his fine and … More

Fun with Salt

J loves fiddling with things he shouldn’t!  Well, why wouldn’t he?  So, today I gave him the thing he has … More

Peekaboo Family

Babies love a good game of ‘peekaboo’ so what better people to hide and surprise him/her than their family! At … More

Large Sensory Bags

As I made the small Baby Sensory Bags during the week.  I couldn’t wait to make them bigger and more … More

Jelly Ocean

My little man hasn’t been himself over the last couple of days. He has still wanted to play but in … More

Jelly Baby

I didn’t have time to write this post yesterday but we had a great play in some jelly with baby … More

Sensory Bags for Baby

After another wonderful class at Baby Sensory yesterday, I left inspired.  In the session, our babies were introduced to a … More

Post Box Fun

This little activity is made from an empty cow and gate milk powder tub and a wrapping paper tube cut … More